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To Register a team in the Winter Youth, High School or Adult Divisions CLICK HERE

Details & Priorities
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL:  $550 if registration and payment is submitted by 10/20/19 for Youth/HS & 11/20 for Adults
Start Date:  Week of December 2nd (nights or weekends) for HS & 1st week of January for Youth & Adults
Schedules Released:  Monday November 25th for HS and Monday December 16th for Youth & Adults
Game Times:  Earliest 4:00 (Friday's) with latest kickoff TBD
Match days may be Monday & Friday (high school) nights with Weekend Matches.
Length of Games:  Two (2) Twenty-Twenty Four (20-24) Minute Half's
*Jersey's with Numbers Preferred - Matching Colors Mandatory
Shin Guards are Mandatory
Team Roster, Full Team Fee's with Player Waivers Due by Nov 30th

PSC Yorktown was totally remodeled in 2018 with new turf, a new layout, seating section, fan zone, new warm up area for teams on deck, etc.  In addition, a new website launched for the IPL futsal as well as all other programs offered through Premiere Sportscenter. 


IPL will offer an 8 game season of futsal leagues at Premiere Sportscenter Yorktown.  Teams and/or individual players can register to participate.  Individuals may be placed on teams based on their age and level of play if roster spots exist.  The IPL "Independent Premiere Leagues" futsal indoor will offer the following levels of play:

- IPL Youth:  U9-U14 competitive male and female players and teams grouped by age and level of play
- IPL High School:  male and female competitive players and teams grouped by level of play
- IPL Champions League:  Adult Competitive players that want to compete at the highest level of play
- IPL Premier League:  Adult Competitive players looking for a challenge but not seeking the top level
- IPL Masters:  Adult Players that are over 35 and looking to continue to enjoy the game
- IPL Coed:  Teams made up of a minimum of 2 female players on the field (& roster) at all times
- WIPL Womens:  Female players 16 & over

  • Season duration of IPL will include 8 games with an end of the season tournament for qualifying teams

  • Champions in each division will receive t-shirts

  • League schedules and results published on Premiere Sportscenter and IPL website (

  • League entry fee is $600 per team.  Teams can save by paying in full $550 by dates listed to get the early bird discount.

2019-20 IPL Winter Futsal Timeline 
(All games @ Premiere Sportscenter Yorktown)

 10/1 – Early Bird Team registration begins (Save $50 if paid in full)
 10/20 – Discounted Early Bird Team registration Ends
11/15 – Team Registration Closed
11/25 - Full season schedules finalized & published on website
12/1 - Final team declarations & Full team fees paid 
12/2 - IPL Opening Weekend of Games for all teams (unless opted out)
  * All player registration & waiver forms due before 1st Games *​

IPL Laws of the Game

  • 5 players on the field (4 field players plus a goalkeeper)

  • Futsal goals on a 103 x 57 foot field turf surface

  • Game duration will be two 20-24 minute halves (official futsal game duration)

  • All free kicks on fouls & corners are direct

  • Indirect kicks to restart sideline out of bounds and kickoffs to begin each half

  • Defense to give 9 ft spacing on restarts and to hold their spot once set

  • 1 man walls only on free kicks

  • Goalkeeper restart from hand and must distribute outside of goal arc

  • Goalkeeper cannot throw past 2nd yellow line (3 line rule) with out ball touching ground or player

  • 3 line violation is spotted on the white dot within yellow line nearest violating team

  • Penalty kicks spotted between arc and yellow line (approximately 9 yards out from goal line)

  • No slide tackling or sliding to gain an advantage

  • Balls hitting the ceiling will be restarted from sideline nearest the place of impact

  • Substitutions are on the fly but not done to gain a numerical or tactical advantage

  • Low bounce size 3-4 futsal balls will be used only

  • Roster size TBD by each team (minimum 8 with a maximum of 10 players)

*Futsal is a limited contact sport and will be called tight by the league officials.  In an effort to keep the entry cost reasonable the league employs 1 official per game.  Teams are expected to play with integrity and assist the official when possible.  Team reps must share the below initiative with their players to assist the league in operating a fair and enjoyable playing environment:​

The level of play is high but the physicality and dissent became too much in the 1st year of play.  With that said, the “futsal laws of the game” will be closely enforced.  True futsal is a “non-contact” game so the IPL will not allow “intentional contact”.  Intentional contact includes when a player bodies another player or uses his/her hands to purposely foul and gain an advantage.  Inadvertent contact during the run of play or a situation where a “clear” advantage is in play will allow a “play-on” to occur.  Generally the advantage will be allowed in the offensive area where a scoring opportunity is developing.  The league will not tolerate persistent infringement of these rules and will continue to work to improve the IPL game so it is competitive but fun for all teams involved.

*Discounted team jersey's, shorts & socks are available through our pro shop.  Jersey options will include t-shirts, moisture wicking shirts or branded jerseys with front screen & back numbers as requested.  Kit price will reflect the number of shirts and imprinting details requested.  All printing done at Premiere Sportscenter Yorktown with turnaround time of approximately a week to 10 working days.*

Contact Kevin Darcy @ with questions or to place an order.