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2018 Futsal Academy

Club Neutral Futsal Training Academies & Travel Team Program!


Recent News:
*Due to the storm and potential developments training for Friday 9/14 is cancelled.  Please stay safe!*

September Supplemental Training (Make Up w/no additional cost)

9/7 Friday 6:30-7:45 Open Training (All ages combined)
9/14 Friday 6:30-7:45 Open Training (All ages combined)
9/21 Friday 6:30-7:45 Open Training (All ages combined)
9/28 Friday 6:30-7:45 Open Training (All ages combined)

United States Youth Futsal National Development Academy

Invitations & Tryouts will be announced soon for spots in our USYF Development Academy program.  Training will start in October to prepare for the Regional & National competitions this winter so look for that to follow.

Balance of Summer & Winter Academy Participation Fees

Many of you have reached out to pay your final balance or back fees from the summer and last winters academy programs.  There have been website issues accepting payments as well as us not providing clear confirmations on amounts due from full or partial participation in the programs.  Please email me directly to further discuss and make payment arrangements so we can go in to September caught up on collections and focused on our new National USYF DA initiative.  Apologies from me not staying on top of this stemming back to last winter but will work with you ASAP to get straight.  Thanks in advance for your follow up.

2018 Futsal Academy FAQ

  • FutsalETA is now a year around program broken in to 4 seasons (See breakdown below)

  • Summer Academy - June 1-August 31
    - Team Training twice a week (Monday/Tuesday's 6:30-9:00)
    - Speed/Agility/Explosiveness (Friday's 6:00-7:30)
    - Buckroe Beach Sand Soccer or IPL Summer League
    - MAFL Matches
    - Regional Tournament

  • Fall Supplemental Training - September 1-November 30
    -  Monday & Friday Night Pool Training
    - Saturday Speed/Agility/Explosiveness
    - College Prep Meetings (All Ages)

  • Winter Academy - December 1-February 28
    -  Team Training twice a week
    - Jefferson Cup Futsal Open
    - MAFL Matches
    - US Futsal Nationals for Qualifiers
    - Regional Tournament Options

  • Spring Supplemental Training - March 1-May 31
    -  Monday & Friday Night Pool Training
    - Saturday Speed/Agility/Explosiveness
    - College Prep Meetings (All Ages)

  • Age groups will train in pools of players and placed into teams for competitions based on their age and level of play.

  • U11-U15 & College Prep (U16-U18) boys and girls teams will be represented in addition to a U6 & U8 Foundation Program and the U9/U10 JR Academy.

  • Teams will train weekly, with 2nd night training times available, play matches in the Mid Atlantic Travel Futsal League and participate in Regional and/or National tournaments, training or special events.

  • New for 2018 ETA teams will compete in the Buckroe Beach Sand Soccer event in June and train on the sand in prep for the tournament.

  • Currently ETA has reserved PSC Yortktown, PSC Williamsburg & Yorkminster gym for sessions and is looking at other training site options to confirm as needed to accommodate teams.

  • The Mid Atlantic Travel Futsal League includes FutsalETA, FutsalRVA, FFC Futsal (Fredericksburg).  Game schedules will be released once the number of teams and age group representation is confirmed by all clubs.

  • Qualified coaches will be assigned to player pools by May 1st

  • 2 jersey’s will be provided for all players along with optional shorts, socks, training gear and spirit wear available at the new FC Gear Pro Shop located in PSC Yorktown.

  • "Members" invited into our year around program will pay a yearly registration fee of $160 plus reoccurring dues of $80 per month for 12 months.  Non year around Members will pay the $160 registration fee each season plus the $80 monthly dues for a minimum of 3 months.  Half year Memberships will be accepted for 2 seasons (6 months) that may include Summer/Fall, Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring or Spring/Summer  

Players participating in the 2018 program with FutsalETA will need to

Click HERE to register and accept their spot.  

To complete your players registration click on the payment link above and select from the payment options.  Failure to complete these steps will make you ineligible to participate in this select training program.  If you have questions regarding the program or registration process contact Kevin Darcy at


Since the end of the summer futsal academy season, ETA has worked with Own Touch Academy of Richmond on a partnership that will enhance player and team development.  This initiative will expose players to cutting edge technical training and high level tactics at game speed to ultimately sharpen the players skill on the ball, their ideas and movements off the ball in game situations, but most importantly their creativity, confidence and winning mentality.  ETA will launch Own Touch classes at Premiere Sportscenters in Yorktown and Williamsburg as well as rebrand its futsal academy to be called “FutsalETA” consistent with its new partner and their travel academy “FutsalRVA”.  Look for announcements to follow regarding Own Touch winter class offerings as well as camps, clinics and private training opportunities.  Visit to learn more about the Own Touch program and look for the launch of the new website with FutsalETA and Own Touch classes coming soon.